Suzanne E. Hilton, PLLC


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“Sue is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise somewhat serious field of public accounting. She is an accomplished tax professional providing tax advice and tax preparation services and so much more. I don’t know what I would have done without her these past six years. I am honored to call her my accountant but more importantly my friend.”

—Rosemary Simmons C.P.A., Principal and Owner at Ultimate Tax Solutions LLC

“Sue has been a huge asset to us! As our accountant, she is always available for our questions. She is very knowledgeable and always helpful. She goes beyond anything past accountants have done for us. She even answered our call and helped us with something we needed while selling one of our companies while she was at the airport getting ready to go on vacation!

Sue is a very caring person that contributes to our local community and helps to bring people and resources together She is constantly involved with some type of charity and always willing to introduce me to another business member in the hopes of furthering our business, their business, or help us contribute to charities and the community as well.

I often recommend Sue to other other business owners and will continue to do so.”

-Kim Collette, Owner at Mnemosyne Solutions LLC

"I have worked with Sue for years and she is absolutely brilliant at what she does!  Thanks to Sue, I rest assured that my taxes are handled and that I get to keep as much of my own money as possible.  She makes the process fun and stress free!"

-James Mudd, Keller Williams Realtor